Batch and Cure Dates Explained

What are Batch and Cure Details and Why are they Important?


Cure Dates:

Cure Dates are similar to best before dates that you would associate with food shopping. It is the date that the rubber is removed from an oven (after being pressed) where the chemical makeup of the part is cured in place, or set. This gives the part its physical properties and robustness that you need in your application.

It gives you a countdown date of the time that the parts can remain in storage, on the shelf. How long the product can sit on the shelf before experiencing effects that could result in a lack of performance.

Different rubber products have different ways of reacting to your local environment and or holding/stock room. Some rubber will deteriorate if packages are left open to Ozone or in direct sunlight. This is why a storage life is strongly recommended.

Various rubber material can be stored to differing lengths of time. Nitrile (NBR) for example, can be stored for 7 years whereas Viton (FKM) can be stored for 10 years.

An NBR product with a cure date of 01/11/2011 will be outside of the recommended material life on 01/11/2018. The same material NBR with a cure date of 27/06/2017 will be ok to be stored until 27/06/2024.

Usage of the product outside of it shelf life can still be conducted however we do not recommend it. The properties of the materials may have changed over time. An out of cure product should be tested prior to use or, better still, a new product purchased.

At O Rings Limited we use ISO 2230:2002 Rubber Products – Guidelines for Storage, as our base standard for product life. Because of this you will not receive a product from us which has passed its material life.

Batch Number:

A batch number is a way of tracking product back to its original source and or material. The number provided will be used if there are material queries or if a product has failed inspection requirements.

The batch number gives you the exact location, cell and or press that the product was produced on as well as the name of the operator who produced the part. Therefore this gives full traceability.

It allows for corrective and preventative action to be more efficient and for the lines of enquiry to be more direct.

Especially relevant is all product supplied by O Rings Limited will be supplied with a batch number. These batch and cure dates are of vital importance to you. They allow you to trace your purchase right back to the raw material slab. This enables you to have the confidence that the sealing solution you are adding to your application is good. It is within the International recommendations for material life. In conclusion you can be assured that your seal is within its optimum physical properties for the task in hand.

For more information about recommended shelf life of any general concerns or questions then please contact our knowledgeable sales team, they’re here and happy to help.

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