Automotive Sealing Solutions from O Rings Limited

Automotive Sealing Firstly, because you’re reading this I’m guessing you know Automotive sealing solutions are utilised throughout todays vehicles. Furthermore you’ll be aware that these include the humble O Ring.  This little wonder of engineering is able to withstand the high pressures in Shock absorbers and engine bays. But we’d like to fill you in about some of the other Automotive […]

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Shelf Life of an O Ring

Shelf Life – What & Why Shelf Life – noun – the length of time for which an item remains usable, fit for consumption, or saleable The rubber industry generally uses old US military specs and current SAE Aerospace recommendations to calculate elastomer and O-Ring shelf life. We use quarter year units presented as 1Q20 meaning first quarter […]

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Marine Engineering and Sealing Applications

Marine seals, vital to the global economy. Marine sealing applications are of vital importance as almost 90% of world trade is carried by the international shipping industry. Therefore without shipping, the import/export of affordable food and goods would not be possible. Consequently, half the world would starve and the other half would freeze! At present […]

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Isolast® FFKM – The Superhero of Elastomer sealing

Isolast ® Universal J9503 – A Sealing Revolution Isolast is a range of high specification perfluoroelas tomer compounds developed by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. Virtually inert these materials perform well in a broad range of chemical media including Amines, Alkalis and Acids. Also both organic and inorganic oxides and steam, at continuous operating temperatures from -25°C to +325°C First of […]

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Need an O-Ring? Know the Size?

O-Ring Basics – Measuring them. The O-Ring, a round mechanical seal that keeps gas or liquid from passing through an opening. An engineering marvel if you will. However they are not perfect and, over time they may wear out and require replacement, consequently getting the correct size is vital. We’ve put together some simple to […]

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Aerospace, We’ve got your sealing solution

Aerospace and Military Sealing Solutions Todays Aerospace industry is more advanced than ever. And because of ever evolving technology, it’s growing more complex by the day. As a result of this rapidly advancing industry, sealing solutions have had to advance too.  Sealing solutions and materials therefore must keep up with demanding environments, aggressive chemicals, high temperatures and a range of pressures. […]

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Sealing Challenges in the Food Industry.

Food Production – Makes you think. You wouldn’t think it but there are a lot of applications with unique and challenging requirements in the food industry. Seals must be compliant with an ever-increasing range of hygiene standards and legislative manufacturing regulations. There are lots of pieces of machinery involved in food production & packaging. Elastomers used in pumps, […]

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Spotlight on Viton®

An introduction to Viton Viton or Fluorocarbon is a brand of synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomer. Most commonly found in O-rings, chemical-resistant gloves, and other molded or extruded goods. It combines high temperature resistance with outstanding chemical resistance. This makes fluorocarbon based compounds almost ideal for a universal O Ring material. There is a demand for it in heavy […]

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O Rings Brochure available for download

O Rings… Where to start Deciding which O Ring or Seal to choose is no easy feat. Components are available in over 2000 materials. They have varying chemical capabilities and have operating temperatures from -60° to +327°C so it can be hard to know where to start. With this in mind we’ve put together a […]

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