Perfluoroelastomers - maybe the most chemically resistant of elastomers.


Perfluoroelastomers – Probably the most chemically resistant of elastomers

Perfluoroelastomers possess the both the excellent chemical and thermal resistance of PTFE. Resistance is maintained because of the high levels of fluorine atoms contained In the chemical make up. But with added chemical atoms to maintain flexibility. The end result is a highly fluorinated elastomeric compound. It has not only exceptional temperature resistance but also it’s compatible with a vast range of aggressive chemical combinations. Furthermore it has outstanding resistance to permanent deformation.

Perfluoroelastomeric materials are FFKMs. Common brand names for Perfluoroelastomer are Isolast / Kalrez / Perlast.


Perfluoroelastomers have excellent resistance to high temperatures and chemicals.

Certain grades have a maximum continuous service temperature of 327 °C (621 °F).

They also show low swelling with almost all media.


In the Oils & Gas field common applications include Corrosion monitoring systems, Corrosion inhibitors, Fuel and Oil additives and down hole logging tools. In chemical processing applications uses range from pumps, valves and static seals, including semi-static to filters, flow meters and measurement systems..

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