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There’s lots of O-Rings News to report this week. As a result of all the goings on we’ve been a bit quiet with the blog lately and for that I am sorry.

News Item 1: We are proud to announce that we flew through our Quality Audit. Because of this we have been recommended for ISO 9001:2015 the new Internationally recognised quality standard. This means you can continue to have complete confidence in our service to you. This is due to the hard work of our Quality Control Engineer extraordinaire Stephen, and the wonderful chaps in our stores. The Certification will be coming through in a couple of weeks and will be available to download from the Quality Page.

News Item 2: Sales are up and business is booming. This is a real testament to the truly wonderful team we have here. We’ve been two staff down and had two staff training. Annual leave to accommodate and quality audits. Yet with all this going on we are still continuing to grow. Our service levels continue to be of the highest standards. Our commitment and service to you will never falter.

News Item 3: We’ve Invested in some upgrades to our Barcoded warehouse management system. As a result not only do we still have our full and concise traceability but also even more efficient order processing.

And Finally

Sadly we said goodbye to two of our team members this month. Both Matt and Anita have moved off to pastures new. All of us here at O Rings wish them both lots of luck for the future. On the plus side, we’ve got two new team members in our family. We would like to wish a very warm welcome to Kim and Peter. Their training is going incredibly well, mostly due to the expert tutelage and mentoring of Anne.

For the future

Our Manager, Roy Gray will be out and about a lot more, and visiting customers & suppliers, attending trade shows, and generally spreading the O Rings word. If you have any needs or requirements then please, let us know. Roy will be happy to pop along and discuss with you the ways in which we can be of service.

In addition, our wonderful building has worked hard for us over the years and we feel she deserves a treat. We’ve invested in technology and alike to modernise the business, now it’s time to modernise our home. We have big plans for O-Rings towers in 2018 and we’ll keep you updated with the progress on the improvements. Or you could always pop along and see them for yourself.



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