Bonded seals, as they are often referred: self-centring and standard in many material combinations are available from O Rings Ltd.

Bonded Seals


Dowty Bonded sealsBonded Seals, also commonly referred to as Dowty Seals or Washers. These are sealing discs that seal threads and flange joints. The discs consist of a metallic ring and a rubber sealing pad bonded together. They were originally designed to replace copper type washers in higher pressure systems.  The metal ring resists the bursting forces and so limits the deformation of the elastomeric element.  Available in metric and imperial dimensions.

Because of the wide variety available, you can select the material for the washer and the rubbers to best meet the requirement of each application.

O Rings Limited can offer Bonded Seals in a wide choice of materials including:

Mild Steel, Zinc plated
Stainless Steel

Standard material is Nitrile.  Standard metal is Mild Steel,Zinc Plated .

Also available as Self-Centering Bonded Seals. These have an extra lip on the ID of the rubber developed to eliminate the occurence of leakage due to seal offset. The self-centering type of bonded seal has the additional benefit of pre-assembling onto threads with the consequent production line savings.  Furthermore the thin seal membrane offers little resistance during assembly.

As a result of our long running partnership O Rings can offer the Trelleborg range, at the most competitive pricing. Especially relevant, this includes todays equivalent Dowty Bonded Seals as a consequence of  Dowty seals having being acquired in 1992 by what is now, TSS. You can purchase Dowty Bonded Seals with confidence from us. In addition we are also more than happy to offer Dowty alternatives from other reputable suppliers.

Why use DOWTY bonded seals from O Rings Limited

High Pressures, constant thickness, highly specified rubber bonded to the metal washer.  Other bonded washers cant say the same.

Most bonded seals are commonly and wrongly referred to as DOWTY Seals.  DOWTY from Trelleborg is not a budget seal but offer a constant thickness and most importantly burst pressure

DOWTY From Trelleborg provides reliable and dependable resistance to high-pressure applications. Typical burst pressure is 1050+ Bar *  Cheaper Bonded seals are normally thinner and are typically around 450 – 640 Bar *

When using bonded seals in areas such as gas, oil and other possibly hazardous substances, you require a near-perfect face-to-face contact, high-grade rubber, high-grade metal, and bonded to the washer.  DOWTY bonded seals from O Rings Limited offer the highest burst pressure resistance so when it comes to fitting bonded seals to high-pressure applications such as mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic sectors you are getting what you need!

O Rings Limited can also offer you a budget range of bonded seals if required

*based on a ¾ BSP NBR 90 Mild Steel Zinc Plated

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