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Dowty Seals – A brief history

This seal is so-called because they were originally made by the Dowty Group. Founded in 1945 Dowty seals produced these bonded seals until 1992, when they were acquired by TI. In 2000 Smiths took over TI to create Polymer Sealing Solutions. Trelleborg acquired Ploymer Sealing Solutions in 2003 and, consequently Dowty seal production. TSS now the original manufacturers of the Dowty Bonded Seal, produce these from their manufacturing base in the UK for a wide variety of applications including engine sensors, fuel, braking and air conditioning systems.

What is a Dowty Seal

A bonded seal, a metal washer with a vulcanized rubber insert for use in high pressure applications where other means of sealing are unsuitable. The flexing action of the lips under pressure provides a positive and leak proof seal against a wide range of fluids. Depending upon the size these seals can withstand pressures of up to 20,000 psi. In addition to preventing leakage the Dowty bonded seal reduces tooling, installation and maintenance costs. The face to face sealing they allow eliminates special machining or groove cutting and reduced bolting torque.

Dowty Seals are still widely regarded as the “Rolls Royce” of Bonded seals.

Why use DOWTY bonded seals from O Rings Limited

High Pressures, constant thickness, highly specified rubber bonded to the metal washer.  Other bonded washers cant say the same.

Most bonded seals are commonly and wrongly referred to as DOWTY Seals.  DOWTY from Trelleborg is not a budget seal but offer a constant thickness and most importantly burst pressure

DOWTY From Trelleborg provides reliable and dependable resistance to high-pressure applications. Typical burst pressure is 1050+ Bar *  Cheaper Bonded seals are normally thinner and are typically around 450 – 640 Bar *

When using bonded seals in areas such as gas, oil and other possibly hazardous substances, you require a near-perfect face-to-face contact, high-grade rubber, high-grade metal, and bonded to the washer.  DOWTY bonded seals from O Rings Limited offer the highest burst pressure resistance so when it comes to fitting bonded seals to high-pressure applications such as mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic sectors you are getting what you need!

O Rings Limited can also offer you a budget range of bonded seals if required

*based on a ¾ BSP NBR 90 Mild Steel Zinc Plated

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Dowty seals diagram