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Piston Seals or Piston Rings

These are used in hydraulic cylinders for fluid sealing. They are internal to the cylinder head and seal against the cylinder bore,therefore preventing fluid from flowing across the cylinder head. This allows pressure build up on one side of the piston, making the cylinder extend or retract.

Turcon Glydring

Double acting o-ring energized piston seal for dynamic applications. Provides low friction with no stick-slip, hence minimal break out force and high wear resistance. Applicationof these piston seals in actuator cylinders.

Turcon Glydring T

All the same benefits of the standard Glydring, but shows improved leakage control and better resistance to extrusion. Installed in grooves to ISO 7425.

Zurcon Glydring P

Double-acting Zurcon Glydring is a combination of Zurcon based material slipper seal with a step cut and energizing rectangular elastomeric ring. Two times bigger extrusion gaps are possible due to Zurcon high strength plastic material. The step cut enables installation into closed grooves and aids flexibility due to the stiffness of the material.

Turcon Double Delta

Double-acting sealing element energized by an o ring. Can be used in existing o-ring grooves (US std AS 568 A, MIL-P-5514).

Turcon Stepseal

2K and V – Single-acting seals.

Turcon Variseal

M2 and W2, Variseal Hi Clean – Single-acting seals.


Double-acting seal incorporating o-ring and quad ring. Developed for sealing between two media’s such as fluid and gas.

Turcon VL Seal

Single-acting L-shaped seal with elastic energizer. Low friction, no stick-slip effect and high wear resistance. Also available in Zurcon.

Zurcon U-Cup

Single-acting seal suitable for assembly into closed grooves and used in light duty cylinder applications

Zurcon Wynseal and Wynseal M

Double-acting o-ring energized seal for dynamic applications.


Veepac, Selemaster, Compact seal DAS type and PHD Seal.


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