Pneumatic Seals, Scrapers, Glydrings and Wear Rings from O Rings Ltd

Pneumatic Seals

 Pneumatic seals – The Range

Pneumatic Seals operate in dynamic applications, often at high speeds and generally with rotary or reciprocating motions.

Complete Pneumatic Piston Seal

Single and double-acting seals for piston applications. They fit into small housings and in addition, are easily installed. Furthermore, they are extremely hard wearing.

Rod Seal and Scraper combination

These pneumatic seals are recommended for applications in standard cylinders, used in conjunction with a scraper for dry air. Special materials provide high abraision resistance while also providing low friction cost effectively.

Scraper for Guiding Units

Two versions of scrapers snap easily into open/semi-open grooves. Because of the flexible lip design it protects cylinder from contamination.

Cushioning Seal

Polyurethane cushioning seals provide end of stroke damping in pneumatic cylinders. They have snap-in installation and, as a result, highly user friendly

Glydring for Piston and Rod

Double-acting seal, available in piston or rod. A slipper seal and an energized O-ring make up this component, consequently less installation space is required.

Wear Ring for Piston and Rod Seals

Made of specially developed, self-lubricating plastic to provide low friction and great wear resistance Also long term compression stability and excellent service life.

Complete Magnet Piston

Shows dynamic sealing capabilities. It also fulfills a large number of technical requirements within the pneumatic industry. Nitrile O-ring acts as a static seal to the rod while an integrated magnet detects position.


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