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Rod Seals

Rod Seals

Rod Seals are used in hydraulic cylinders for fluid sealing. They are external to the cylinder head and seal against the cylinder’s rod, therefore preventing leakage of fluid from within the cylinder to the outside.


These seals are particularly exposed to pressure and friction. U-Cup RU9 offers outstanding wear and extrusion resistance. Compatible with virtually all media.


Single-acting rod seal is an alternative to the U-Cup. This is a highly effective sealing system. Most noteworthy, it has exceptionally low friction properties, also high wear resistance

Buffer Seal

Single-acting seal designed as a heavy duty primary rod seal, developed as part of “system seals” and arranged in series, building a “tandem configuration”.


Single-acting seal. It is energized by an O Ring. Consequently it has a high dynamic and static tightness.


2K or V. Single-acting o-ring energised rod seal. It  has a hydrostatic pressure relief channel. As a result it prevents pressure trap between seals under all service conditions.

Variseal, Glydring, Wynseal

AQ Seal (5)

Supplied with Bean Seal this is a double acting O Ring energized seal. Especially relevant, it incorporaters a bean seal inset into the dynamic sealing face. It was developed for sealing between two media. Fluid and gas being an example.

Double Delta

This is a double acting sealing element that is also energized by an O Ring. These are used most of all in light/medium duty hydraulics. Available in Turcon and Zurcon


Balsele, Veepac, Selemaster

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