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Rotary Seals Range

Rotary Seals Range

Radial Oil Seals

Rotary Seals for sealing shafts and spindles. Consisting of rubber sealing lip, metal case and spiralled tensioning spring therefore providing long-lasting sealing efficency. Available with or without external dust lip.

Varilip – Lip Seal

Suitable for high surface speeds with low pressure.


Fitted directly onto the shaft and seals axially against shaft collar/thrust washer or bearing face. Also it’s light lip pressure generates low friction.

Gamma Seals

Axial rotary seal. Elastomer sealing lip contained in a metal carrier. As a result it excludes moisture, contamination and grease.

Axial Shaft Seals

An axial lip seal for shafts and bearings. Consists of a rubber sleeve, a metal stiffening ring and an axial spring. This sealing element seals axially against any suitable surface, for example, the front of a ball race or shaft collar. Available with either an inner or outer lip seal.

Roto Glydring

Double-acting O-ring energised seal, used for rotating, oscillating and helically moving pistons, rods and shafts.

Roto Variseal

Single-acting u-shaped ring and metallic energizing finger spring. Because of this design it offers low friction with no stick slip. Also minimises break out force and high wear resistance. In addition it has Unlimited Shelf life.

STEFA Cassette Seals

A completely enclosed seal combining the functions of oil seal, wear sleeve and dust protection in one unit. As a result it meets the ever increasing requirements of long service life in addition to easy instillation. Used in heavy duty vehicle axles, hubs and industrial gearboxes.

Shaft Repair Kit

Thin-walled stainless steel sleeves – for repair of worn shafts.

Sealing Caps and Heavy Duty Seals

Rubber coated metal caps.

Mechanical Face Seals

Special form of mechanical seals. Also known as  lifetime seals, floating seals, duo cone seals, toric seals and heavy duty seals. Two types – DO and DF. Most common is the DO form that uses an O Ring for secondary sealing, while the DF type has a diamond shaped cross sectioned elastomer as a secondary sealing element.


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