Static Seals Range from O Rings Limited both standard & specialised
Static Seals

Static Seal Range

static seals are used when there is no movement between sealing surfaces or between the seal surface and its mating surface.

The O Ring is the most common Static seal used but at O Rings Limited we can also offer a wide range of specialised static seals


Elastomeric squarer sectioned ring. Mostly used in flanges (SAE) and covers. High sealing efficancy and shape stability, available in either Nitrile or Viton.

Zurcon Dualseal

This Static seal is probably the most common alternative to O-ring or Backup ring combinations. Most noteworthy, they are resistant to twisting, stable at pulsating pressures and have low contamination risk. Easy to install and guarantee long service life.

Zurcon SAE Flange Seal

Providing high functional security and they can be easily mounted and dismounted. For use in mobile hydraulics, press manufacture and materials-handling.

Wills Rings O and C

Metal rings for static face sealing applications.  Wills Ring O exhibits less spring back and elasticity than the Wills Ring C, therefore provides more effective sealing where thermal expansion of the housing is found. Most of all, both provide long life and excellent corrosion resistance.

Quad Rings

Quad Rings and X-Sel blue coated Quad Rings are available.
Double acting four lip seal for static and dynamic applications. Consequently they provide higher seal efficiency and lower friction than o-rings.

Turcon Variseal H and HF

Single acting face seal comprising of U-shaped Turcon ring and coiled stainless spring. Gas tight and resistant to most liquids and chemicals and, most noteworthy, Unlimited shelf life.


Also refered to as an inflatable seal, vulcanized to any customer profile. Activated by air, water and other mediums, this seal is an alternative to conventional gaskets.

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