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Specialist Sealing

Specialist seals is a very broad term indeed.

There are so many specialist seals on the market today and the range of parts we can source is vast.

Below is a list of just some of the specialist seals available.

  • Bellows – Ideal for sealing high temperature applications. Also harsh chemical services.
  • Grommets – Commonly used to keep unwanted smoke and fumes from entering a cockpit while also protecting lines from chafing and wearing on rough surfaces
  • Diaphragms – A flexible membrane that seals and isolates an enclosure.
  • Drive belts – Fairly self explanatory. O Rings are often used for this purpose.
  • Gaskets – A mechanical seal which fills the space between two or more mating surfaces.
  • Water pump seals – Lots of choice on the market.
  • Anti-Extrusion Rings – Commonly referred to as Back Up Rings
  • Joint Rings – Precision manufactured and predominantly used in high pressure oilfield applications.

We can also help with custom seal design too. So for anything you cannot see on our website please contact our friendly sales team. Just tell us about your application and we’ll do the rest.

Specialist Sealing Products