Linear Bearings, Bushes, Slydway and Orkot Marine Bearings.

Linear Bearings + Bushes

Linear Bearings Range

There is a great selection of Linear Bearings on the market today.

Turcite-B Slydway

Static SealsTurcite-B Slydway is a low friction bearing strip material. Hence providing low friction, stick-slip free operation with minimum wear and long life. It is for use on the ways and gibs of machine tools.

Applications uses a two part epoxy resin. This is after cleaning and degreasing the bare metal surface. Most noteworthy it is dimensionally stable & maintenance free and can be operated with out without lubrication.

Turcite and HiMod Bearings

High load bearings, dimensionally stable and wear resistant. As a result they provide most excellent performance under dry and boundary lubrication conditions.

As a result Turcite and HiMod bearings are widely used in General Mechanical Applications / Machine Tools.

Orkot Marine Bearings

Orkot bearings offer significant advantages over traditional metal bearings because all are dimensionally stable and have excellent wear resistance in addition to outstanding low friction characteristics. Consequently they have unrivalled performance in dry or with boundary lubrication.

In addition with virtually no swell in seawater, Orkot are a maintenance free solution where (salt) water is involved. Ideal for hydropower and marine applications.

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