Washers including Seloc, metal and specialist Bodok seals are available from O Rings Limited



Washers. Small flat metal, rubber, or plastic rings fixed between two joining surfaces or between a nut and a bolt. They spread the pressure or act as a spacer or seal.

Seloc Washer

This shakeproof washer is well-known for its ability to resist vibration.

The effect of tightening the bolt causes the metal serrations to pierce the rubber and bite into the relative metal surface, providing the necessary locking action.

The rubber covering reduces the risk of corrosion that would occur with a normal lock washer.

  • options for water, mineral and alkalis
  • used on painted, plated and stove enamelled surfaces
  • temperature range -70 to +200°C

Metal Washer

Various gasket types can be described as washers as a result of the similar appearance. This includes those used to seal the control valve in taps. Crush washers are made of a soft metal such as aluminium or copper. Therefore they are used to seal fluid or gas connection. Washers found in an internal combustion engine is an example of this.

In addition, though washers are generally metal they can be sourced in other materials. Silicone and EPDM are probably the most common but there are many more examples.

Bodok Seals

Specialised washers that ensures a gas-tight seal between the cylinder yoke or regulator of any device requiring a gas supply, and a gas cylinder.

The traditional fibre washer would frequently splay and as a result cause leakage or adhere to the regulator, requiring considerable force to remove it.

The Bodok seal consists of a neoprene washer with a peripheral metal reinforcing ring which prevents splaying of the washer. Consequently the seal is incombustible and resistant to the high pressures imposed upon it by cylinder gases.

Bodok seals are also used in emergency oxygen kits used in scuba diving. However diving regulators used underwater generally use a conventional o-ring seal.

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