Pump Manufacturers - We're now a proud member of the BPMA


Pump Manufacturers – We’re now a proud member of the BPMA

Pump Manufacturers of the World

The British Pump Manufaturers Association Limited is the UK Trade Association representing the interests of UK liquid pump manufacturers.  As a result we are pleased to announce that we are now very proud members of the BMPA.  BPMA’s principal objectives are:

  • Be the effective voice of the pump industry
  • Satisfy the needs of the members
  • Encourage active participation of the members

BPMA membership is open to any company involved in liquid pumping equipment including key suppliers, for example, sealing solutions. That is to say, O Rings Limited. One of the UK’s leading suppliers and distrubutors we can offer whatever the solution you require. From a simple but highly effective O Ring to a wide range of Industrial seals and specialised sealing solutions.

So  manufacturers of pumps,  as a member of such a well known and respected organisation you can rest assured and buy with confidence.

BPMA is a member of Europump which is the pan-European body with 18 member Associations.

BPMA also provides the Secretariat for Europump’s Marketing Commission and is very active in the Standards, Technical and PR Commissions.






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