Automotive Sealing Solutions from O Rings Limited

Automotive Sealing Firstly, because you’re reading this I’m guessing you know Automotive sealing solutions are utilised throughout todays vehicles. Furthermore you’ll be aware that these include the humble O Ring.  This little wonder of engineering is able to withstand the high pressures in Shock absorbers and engine bays. But we’d like to fill you in about some of the other Automotive […]

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Brand New Year and a fresh new look for O Rings Ltd

Much needed TLC & a facelift for O Rings HQ The sun is finally shining, the days are getting longer and we are starting to feel the beginnings of Spring. And it’s not just the seasons that are changing, we have a facelift here at O Rings HQ. Our building has served us well while we have been growing and evolving […]

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O-Rings News. Read all about it

O-Rings News There’s lots of O-Rings News to report this week. As a result of all the goings on we’ve been a bit quiet with the blog lately and for that I am sorry. News Item 1: We are proud to announce that we flew through our Quality Audit. Because of this we have been recommended for ISO 9001:2015 the […]

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Selecting O-Rings, How do you decide

Selecting O-Rings, Where to start So, you have designed the most magnificent feat of engineering. Now all you need to do is find the correct seals. The importance of designing in the correct O-Ring should never be under-estimated within an application. Selecting O-Rings that will satisfy the sometimes conflicting demands. Selecting O-Rings that will provide ultimate performance […]

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