Trelleborg Sealing Solutions have O Rings Limited as a Partner Dirtibutor
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Trelleborg Sealing Solutions


Trelleborg Sealing Solutions – worldwide experts

O Rings Limited has teamed up with the worldwide expert in advanced polymer technology: Trelleborg Sealing Solutions  (TSS). As a result we can offer you the complete range of Trelleborg industrial sealing products – locally.

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TSS is a major international sealing force. Therefore they are uniquely placed to offer dedicated seal design and development from their market-leading product and material portfolio. A one-stop-shop providing the best in elastomer, thermoplastic, PTFE. In addition composite technologies for applications in aerospace, industrial and automotive industries.

With over 50 years of experience

TSS has an international network of worldwide facilities includes over 20 manufacturing sites. Also several strategically positioned research and development centres. These include materials and development laboratories and locations specialising in design applications.


TSS develop and formulate materials in-house. Consequently TSS can fully utilise the resource of their material database, including over 2000 proprietary compounds and a range of unique products.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions fulfils challenging service requirements, supplying standard parts in volume or a single custom manufactured component, through integrated logistical support, which effectively delivers over 40,000 sealing products to customers worldwide.


Feel free to call or email for further details on any of the TSS product range. We’re here and ready to assist with your sealing needs.