O Rings & Trelleborg Sealing Solutions – A Special Relationship Indeed

Partner Distributor of Trelleborg Sealing SolutionsTrelleborg

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. Worldwide experts in advanced polymer technology and O Rings Limited have been teamed up for the last 10 years.  We offer you the complete range of TSS industrial sealing products – locally. And furthermore,  it’s a relationship we see lasting a lifetime.

TSS is a major International sealing force.  A one-stop-shop providing the best in elastomer, thermoplastic, PTFE & Composite technologies for applications in aerospace, industrial and automotive industries.

With over 50 years of experience, TSS international network of worldwide facilities include over 20 manufacturing sites. As well as strategically positioned research and development laboratories and locations specialising in design and applications.

Making Global Local

Furthermore, with over 40 years experience ourselves,  O Rings Limited offer a full service provision. From product concept, to applications and engineering support. Delivery scheduling to after sales service which now includes a range of seal selection software to assist specifiers. In conjunction with Trelleborg Sealing Solutions we are able to provide express delivery service to our customers. Both throughout the UK and Overseas. Making global local. An impressive range at our Fingertips

Developing and formulating materials in-house, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions utilise the resource of their material database. This includes over 2000 proprietary compounds and, most noteworthy,  a vast range of unique products.

As a result of our long running partnership O Rings can offer the Trelleborg range, at the most competitive pricing. Especially relevant this includes todays equivalent Dowty Seals as a consequence of  Dowty seals having being acquired in 1992 by what is now, TSS.

We are proud of our strong and strategic relationship with TSS and are happy to discuss it in more detail, just give us a call or drop us an email.

Trelleborg Sealing Gold and Black

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