Automotive sealing solutions from O Rings limited

10 October 2018

Firstly, because you’re reading this I’m guessing you know Automotive sealing solutions are utilised throughout today’s vehicles. Furthermore you’ll be aware that these include the humble O Ring. This little wonder of engineering is able to withstand the high pressures in Shock absorbers and engine bays. But we’d like to fill you in about some of the other Automotive seals we have up our sleeves. O Rings Limited (ORL) has over 40 years of Industry experience. Also we have strong strategic alliances with some of the worlds leading seal manufacturers. As a result ORL is a leading supplier of high quality automotive sealing solutions.

There are an estimated 1.4 billion cars on the roads today. As a result our partner manufacturers are constantly striving meet the demands from today’s OEM’s and their component suppliers. ORL enjoys a very special relationship with Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. Therefore we have access to over 60 years experience of high quality, custom-made solutions to meet the ever-changing and demanding needs of the Automotive industry.
Automotive Application Solutions

Typical environments for automotive seals include:

  • Contact with Oil, fuels & grease
  • Environmental elements such as Sunlight, Ozone & Oxidation
  • Contact with brake fluids & coolants
  • Dynamic operating conditions & Extreme temperatures

Areas of application include:

  • Fuel Systems – ORL can provide a huge range of seals covering all the different sealing environments within the fuel system.
  • Drivetrain & Transmission systems – Require complex configurations. Advanced seals that prevent ingress of external media while sealing in lubricants. Also allow maximum performance in rotary applications with unrivaled low friction. See our Specialist Sealing page.
  • Braking Systems – Probably the most critical safely component of all the automotive applications. Consequently it is vital that the brakes will work, instantly, when required. Seals must be of consistent quality & resistant to brake fluids.
  • Air Conditioning – A magnitude of O rings run throughout this complex system of pressure lines. Every connection point must be sealed in order for the system to be effective.

In conclusion, today’s modern vehicles utilise hundreds of seals. From standard O rings to custom engineered components. With our wealth of experience and knowledge complimented by the support of partner manufactures ORL is confident we have the Automotive Sealing Solution for you.

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